Here are some tips for you when preparing for your home session:
Please feed your newborn 30-45 minutes prior to session.  Oftentimes it is easier to photograph newborns after they have been fed rather than right before a feeding.
Window light is important for the session.  If you have a window in your living area/nursery/bedroom that is most likely where I will shoot.  Please have that area available for use during the session.
Please set your home temperature to 78-80˚ 1hr before the session start time and keep it at that temperature for the duration of the session. Having it warm will help your newborn feel comfortable when I do some shots of them loosely swaddled and naked. Please make sure to wear something comfortable for that temperature.
If you have a blanket/swaddle/accessories for the shoot, please have those items ready and I'd be happy to use them in the session.  I can also provide blankets, swaddles, props.
 I always tell parents that instead of me providing specific directions on colors/styles for clothing I just recommend that they where something that they like and think they look good in!  The one thing to keep in mind is that it will be warm so make sure it is comfortable to wear at 78-80˚.
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