Here are some tips for preparing for your headshot session:
Before your Session:
Hair:  A haircut a week before the shoot gives you time to figure out how you want to style it for your session.  Not getting a haircut is also fine, just make sure you take some time a few days before the session to practice styling your hair how you want it for the shoot. 
Water: Drink lots of water  - it helps your skin! 
Rest: Please try to get a good night’s rest the day before the shoot!  
Outfit selection:
Select an outfit/accessories that YOU think looks good on you.  Make sure to try it on a few days before the shoot in case you need to make any adjustments (ironing/dry cleaning/etc). 
What to bring:
A brush/comb, touch-up makeup (lipstick/powder)
A coat to warm up in between shots if it’s a cold day
Optional: A second outfit option.  I can do two outfits so if you would two looks please bring your second top (same pants). 
Look 1 - suit/tie and slacks / Look 2 - sweater and slacks
Look 1 - blouse and slacks / Look 2 - sweater and slacks 
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