Here are some tips when preparing for your family session:
OutFits/Accessories - 
Pick out outfits for the family at least a week before the session and make sure every has tried their outfit on.  Select outfits that you think you look good in and that dress for the weather!  Wearing clothes that compliment each other works well but no need to match!  I love seeing personal styles come through in what folks select so don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to certain colors or solid/pattern. 
Hair -  
If anyone needs a haircut it’s helpful to have that done a few days before the shoot.  That way there is time to figure out how to style it before the shoot.  
Rest/Meal - 
Try to get plenty of rest the night before the shoot.  Also, having a meal an hour or two prior to the session - that helps give everyone energy and prevents anyone from getting "hangry" :)
Shoes -  
Please plan on wearing comfortable shoes. All sessions are currently being conducted outdoors and we will walk around a bit so please wear shoes that you are comfortable to wear in grass/sandy areas.
What to bring -
Snacks + Water - Bringing snacks to a photoshoot for both parents and kids is oftentimes so helpful!  Having a little snack break sometimes really helps with energy for the second half of the shoot. Ex: energy bar, granola bar, crackers, fruit, cookies, hard candy.  Just make sure it’s not a snack that potentially stains lips and fingers!  
Touch-up - it’s helpful to bring a hair brush and any make-up (lipstick) you might want for touch-ups. 
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